Capital Vacations Talks About Where to go Snorkeling in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is considered to be the heart and soul of the Cayman Islands. Hence, planning a trip here with Capital Vacations can be a great idea. People can find a distinctive blend of elegance and luxury here, along with the inviting yet laid-back character of the Caribbean. For any avid snorkeler, the Grand Cayman would be the dream holiday destination. The water here is generally calm, clear and filled with a range of amazing wildlife, starting from colorful fish to turtles, eagle rays and rare coral.

Capital Vacations shares insight into a few of the prime snorkeling spots at the Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman has some of the best snorkeling opportunities in the world. This is largely due to protected marine reserves, accessible shipwrecks and clear water that make it easy to see deep into the underwater world. To get an amazing chance to get close to some of the most wonderful creatures in Grand Cayman, one can head to Stingray City. This site is located around 25 miles off the coast of Grand Cayman, on the very shallow sandbars of the island. People can typically see stingrays in less than three feet of water here. Snorkelers can find snorkel gear provided to them by whatever boat they choose to take. However, they do not even have to put their head below the water to see stingrays. The visibility is usually 50 to 75 feet here, and people would be able to stand in most places.

The stingrays at Stingray City of the Cayman Islands are used to seeing people and do not mind seeing them around. In fact, many of them are pretty friendly and can even “bump” snorkelers while asking for food. Most tour operators here have squid available to feed the stingrays. Moreover, as the  Stingray City is in the open ocean, people do not have to worry about making the stingrays feel uncomfortable. They can simply swim away after having their fill of nose rubs and snacks. The wonderful stingray experience makes the Stingray City of the Cayman Islands a perfect snorkeling spot.

The Wreck of the Gamma is another exceptionally popular place to snorkel. It is among the best-preserved wrecks in the Cayman Islands. Much like most wrecks, it now serves as a protected habitat for fish. On the wreck, people can often find huge parrot fish, snappers and even lobsters hiding under the ship. The Gamma was beached in the 1980s on the shallow reef. It has been slowly pushed closer and to shore by storms and weather. In case a person has not seen a shipwreck underwater before, they should consider visiting the wreck of the Gamma here while planning their trip to the Caribbean with Capital Vacations. This snorkeling site lies at the southern end of the beach close to George Town. It is pretty shallow, and one can actually view the whole hull from the surface.

Sine of the best Grand Cayman snorkeling opportunities can also be explored at the Coral Gardens. This site is a part of the North Sound, which basically is an area of water that is protected by a huge reef. As reefs are the center of activity for marine creatures, people can find a number of fish and small creatures here.