Erik Mogensen Colorado On Ski Safety  

Those who want to have some fun on their winter vacation can enroll in ski lessons. However, even though it is fun, it can be risky sometimes. Skiing down the slopes can cause serious injuries. For this reason, one needs to be really careful about their first aid kit when going skiing. Expert ski instructors offer useful tips to people so that they can stay safe up on the slopes.

Erik Mogensen Colorado On Ski Safety

Erik Mogensen Colorado is a famous ski instructor. Erik has helped thousands of people to learn skiing. He does not only offer skiing tips to aspiring skiers, but he also tells people how to take care of their skiing first aid kit. Knowing what to pack in the first aid kit can make a real difference when it comes to injuries.

Erik puts too much emphasis on staying dry and warm while skiing. He encourages people to pack properly so that they don’t get wet while skiing. A waterproof jacket is going to be the first thing to pack for this reason. Along with it, one needs to stay warm. If one gets stuck somewhere while skiing, wet clothes may turn deadly.

Eye protection is another gear that everyone needs while skiing. People usually try to make do with their sunglasses. While sunglasses help a lot, one should get a pair of goggles to protect their eyes. It is going to mute sunrays and keep eyes protected.

Everyone needs to read the safety protocol when going skiing. It is the best way to know what to do if something goes wrong up on the slopes. Also, beginners must not go skiing alone. Erik makes sure that every beginner is monitored properly. An aspiring skier can get into a lot of trouble while skiing.

Balance While Skiing

One needs to strike a balance when skiing. People either get too defensive when skiing or get too aggressive. Both of these are dangerous. The best thing is to strike a perfect balance between aggression and defensiveness. One needs to stay calm while skiing. Getting carried away sometimes creates a problem for the skiers. For this reason, when one has decided to go skiing, one needs to learn to follow rules. Skiing injuries are common. One must try to avoid getting into trouble while up on the mountain.

Erik says that one should always take it easy at the beginning. It is the confidence-gaining stage. One will get plenty of chances to show skill. But that should come later on.

Accident Safety Protocol

In case an accident takes place, the advice is to stay calm. One should not panic and try to get in touch with security. For this reason, Erik encourages everyone to charge their phones and carry them in a dry pocket. Also, one needs to make some signs to let the other skiers know that an accident has taken place. As per Erik Mogensen Colorado, others will not hit that spot if they see the accident sign. In addition, one needs to protect themselves from sunburn by using proper protection lotions.