Hillandale Farms Lists a few Types of Breakfast Egg Sandwiches That One Must Definitely Try 

Breakfast sandwiches are widely loved by all. Their taste and appeal become even better when prepared with fresh eggs from farms like Hillandale Farms. On the whole, breakfast sandwiches are a flavorful and filling way to start the day. These sandwiches are extremely delicious, and it does not take much time to put them together. Moreover, the combinations for these sandwiches are seemingly endless, and there are options available to delight the taste buds of any person.

Hillandale Farms marks are some of the most popular types of breakfast egg sandwiches

Cheese, egg and bacon are a classic breakfast sandwich combination that is always guaranteed to satisfy. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many twists, big and small, to make these sandwiches exceptionally interesting and fun. One may change up the meat, or simply leave them out and go for sautéed greens or sliced avocado instead. Moreover, instead of good old bread, one can use toaster waffles, buttery croissants or even a soft tortilla for their breakfast egg sandwiches. Here are a few types of sandwiches one must definitely try out:

  • Huevos rancheros breakfast sandwich: Huevos rancheros (or rancher’s eggs) are a typical breakfast served at Mexican farms. They feature corn tortillas and fried eggs, which are topped with plenty of warmed salsa. One can have similar ingredients in the form of a sandwich in the mornings, to enjoy a hearty, protein-packed meal. Between runny egg yolk, refried beans, salsa, and guacamole, there is hardly anything better than starting the day with such a sandwich.
  • Breakfast grilled cheese:  Grilled cheese is the classic, go-to breakfast on days when one does not want to prepare an elaborate breakfast. For a filling meal, one can add salty sausage and creamy eggs to the dish, along with plenty of melted cheese. If required, one may even throw in a bit of bacon and hot sauce.
  • French toast sandwiches: French toast is called toast “eggy bread” in the UK, and ideally, it is not sweet. They prepare the dish in a manner similar to what it’s done in America, but serve it with bacon, eggs, and baked beans. The result is delicious and perfect for breakfast.
  • Open-faced Denver sandwiches: There is nothing like being served a platter full of open-faced sandwiches, especially as they have all the colors and ingredients on full display. Open-faced Denver sandwiches use scrambled eggs, and immensely appetizing, with some green onions scattered over the top.
  • Breakfast BLT: This is a breakfast classic, and for a good reason. Juicy tomatoes, scrumptious eggs, salty bacon and toasted bread, are truly a match made in heaven. They especially taste amazing with a perfectly fried egg and golden yolk.
  • Croque Madame: This is truly a decadent grilled cheese sandwich. Croque Madame features the Gruyère, the thick-cut ham, mornay sauce, and all of it is topped with a fried egg. The runny egg yolk majorly enhances the taste of the meal.

One can prepare any of the sandwiches mentioned above after buying fresh eggs from Hillandale Farms, and a few of the other basic ingredients. None of these sandwiches require much time or effort to prepare, and hence are ideal for breakfast.