Hind Louali Marks the Top Reasons to Learn French 

Speaking just a single language is not enough in today’s world. Individuals who speak more than one language shall increase their chances of finding a job, whether at home or abroad. As Hind Louali French School of Austin – Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau mentions, learning a new language can enrich the mind of a person, and open up new horizons for them, both personal and professional. Even though learning almost any language language shall be a significantly enriching experience, there especially are several compelling reasons to choose French.

Hind Louali lists two prime reasons to learn French

More than 220 million people speak French across the five continents. It is a major language of international communication and is renowned for being the second most widely learned language after English. The OIF, an international organisation of French-speaking countries, is made up of 77 member States and governments. There are numerous compelling reasons that make French one of the best foreign languages to learn. Here are a few of them:

  • A great career move: Learning French can be a great move for one’s career. France is among the largest economies in the world, and knowing the French language is the key to doing business there. Knowledge of French is useful in countries beyond France. It is widely spoken in Belgium, Switzerland, parts of Canada as well as a large number of African countries. Being able to speak French can help create an expansive range of business opportunities throughout the francophone world. Being competent in a widely-spoken international language like French would provide people with a huge advantage. Speaking both French and English can particularly be a huge asset in the business world. It will open doors for joining companies in France and other French companies in varied parts of the world.
  • Enrich travel experiences in France: France is among the most visited countries in the world. It attracts more than 80 million tourists every year. While many people can communicate in English in the main tourist areas of France, one may not find many English speakers when exploring other parts of the country. As tourists visit France, they should not depend on the English-speaking ability of the locals when buying train tickets or asking for directions. Knowing French would be immensely advantageous in this situation. It would become much easier for people to do everything in France, right from ordering in a restaurant to buying tickets. Moreover, one shall also gain the respect of the locals for making the effort to speak their language. On the whole, fluency in the French language can make one’s time in France much easier and enjoyable.

When learning a new language, there is no way to separate learning the vocabulary and grammar of that language from learning about the culture and the way of thinking of the people who speak it. Hind Louali French School of Austin – Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau mentions that there is hardly any better way of understanding people than learning the language they speak. Once a person begins to immerse themselves in the French language, they will also find themselves immersed in the French world.  This can be a huge eye-opener for monolingual English speakers who have grown up with a very Anglocentric worldview.

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