Reasons To Use Xerox Connectkey To Transform Xerox Copiers For Small Business Effectively

Running a business can be both pleasurable and a source of pain. The challenges are numerous but the solutions are very limited. No worries! You would have to go forward and invest in office equipment that can prove to be indispensable. Finding the right equipment is not always easy though. Feel free to check out multiple devices and purchase the one that meets your requirements admirably. You would certainly find it beneficial to source quality Xerox copiers for small business.

Opting for a multifunctional device that copies, prints, and scans as needed can be advantageous. Not only will you be able to have the functions done in time but you end up saving a lot of space in your office too. You may be further interested to harness the power of advanced technology through Xerox ConnectKey. It is a platform that includes advanced features that are compatible with Xerox office equipment. Sure, a smart worker does feel the need for something extra when using the printer, copier, and scanner but the need for sharing to the cloud and translation is felt keenly during work too. 

It will help to learn more about the Xerox ConnectKey platform and the technology it uses. Moreover, you would have to be aware of the limitations especially that of using compatible Xerox copiers for small business. Some of the key points that you have to note include:-


Xerox ConnectKey platform comes with multiple features. However, the features that are included in the platform are:-

  • A user interface resembling a tablet. It will allow you to swipe, touch, scroll, and pinch thus helping you complete the intended tasks. 
  • You may print directly from your phone without copying or saving the document to your PC or laptop. Moreover, the documents can be shared directly via cloud storage as per your necessity. 
  • It comes with a host of printer & copier security services. 
  • Managed print services
  • You are free to add Apps & tools as needed by picking and choosing from the App Gallery


  • Easy to use interface– The small tablet-like interface works in the same way as your smartphone. You will thus need no learning curve when using the platform or the office equipment. You are also free to customize the features according to your requirement thus making it simpler to speed up the tasks thereby achieving your goals. 
  • Cloud Ready Services– You may use advanced technology to save your documents to the cloud. Accessing and retrieving the documents is a matter of seconds. You do not have to use a physical copy either. Pick and chose the cloud storage applications to print, copy, and scan documents with office employees r remote workers. 
  • Security– Old and dated office equipment including printers, scanners, and copiers may pose considerable risks of data breaches today. Make sure to use Xerox ConnectKey which comes with advanced security features thus helping your business to remain well protected 24X7

You cannot go wrong by selecting Xerox copiers for small business that are powered by advanced technology. You thus get enhanced speed, clarity, and efficiency without breaking the bank.